Watercolor Paintings 1 – Pineapple and Flamingo

About a year ago I began attempting to paint using watercolor. I wanted to create a huge canvas painting using watercolor, but that was nearly disastrous and I eventually went back in with acrylic paint. It was for a friend, so I caved and went with what I’m more comfortable manipulating.

I’ve tried to go along with YouTube videos (thank goodness for YouTube), and also Pinterest tutorials. I’ve practiced by painting small flowers, different sorts of food, and even just working with the water to understand it a bit more.

What I’ve learned so far…watercolor is not easy! Manipulating the water is a definite struggle, and something I’m slowly learning. With acrylic, most times you can simply paint over a mistake, but with watercolor the closest correction you can make is by trying to remove the color with the brush. Although, there is sometimes still a bit of color left behind.

I’ve gone from sketching to drawing, then acrylic paint, and now watercolor. I absolutely LOVE watercolor the most. I’ve found that it’s less messy and more relaxing compared to the others.

Below are a couple of recent paintings that I am quite proud of, and though they aren’t perfect I’m happy with my progress. I told myself I would never give up on learning to paint using watercolor as the medium, and a year later here we are!

This will not be the last post of my watercolor paintings, and I hope to dish out even more! Stay tuned…


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