Current Favorite Songs

So there have been a few songs that I’ve constantly listened to lately. I feel like every time I’m in my car listening to KLOVE (a christian radio station) the same two songs are always on.

At first I thought to myself, okay they play these two songs way too much, but yesterday I thought differently. It occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t that they played them too much, but instead I needed to actually listen to the message of the songs.

The first song:

It’s not easy to trust in God and have faith that everything will be okay when you’re suffering or going through hard times. The lyrics “…one more day, He will make a way…” really hit me hard. We just need to make it one day at a time and trust that we can get through the day! We aren’t alone in our hardships, we have a God of peace that can calm us even throughout our struggles. This is something so beautiful to me!

Second Song:

 Again, with this song the message is to keep faith in God regardless of the outcome. It is easy to say everything will be okay when someone else is having a hard time in life. However, when you’re personally going through hard times it’s hard to keep that same hope. That’s what I love about this message! It explains that even in hard times to be at peace because God is with us. 

I’ve noticed more songs like this, or maybe it is just because of what life has thrown my way. I’m glad that there are songs to remind us that we don’t love God because he gives us the outcome we want, but instead we love him because he loves us and give us peace when we don’t get what we want. 

Truly listen to the message of these songs…I hope you enjoy!

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