Happy Rainy Tuesday!

So, as I’m sitting here at my computer…I’m just thinking to myself how much I love the rain. I’m not sure if it’s just simply calming or maybe rain is refreshing and wipes away everything.

It has been a long two days of work and of me being straight up tired. I’m incredibly thankful for my job and the blessings that have come into my life. Although, I miss being able to sleep in on a rainy day or stay in comfy clothes all day.

Since moving, those days at home aren’t as nice because my husband works a lot and there’s no one else really around. Unlike when I lived in my hometown, I could just call up a friend, stay the night with them, or even spend the day with my sister.

Rainy days haven’t been the same, but they still remind me of good times, and bring me happiness. Even though sometimes the rainy days turn into thunderstorms, then I get reminded of the chance that tornados could form, lol.

I remember playing outside in the rain as a child. My grandmother used to get upset because it’s “dirty water” but sometimes she would sit outside and watch us play. We would come up with our own games and jump from puddle to puddle. I miss those days so much!

Typically those memories were of me, my sister, and our cousin. One memory that is still clear, is of us running from the trees, to the road, then the park (right across from my grandparent’s apartment). We were trying to avoid the lightning, although at the time there really wasn’t any lighting while we played.

As we got older we transitioned from playing in puddles and rain to sitting on the porch talking, and sometimes listening to the radio. (Yea, not a bright idea…but thankfully nothing happened.)

Maybe what makes the rain so special to me are the memories associated with it. Either way, I always enjoy when it’s raining outside whether at work, when I was in school, or relaxing Β at home.

The little things in life are what make it beautiful. I hope everyone has a great and safe day!


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