December Netflix Favorites

It’s about time I posted another Monthly Netflix Favorites post. I’ve been busy with classes the past few months, but one way I relax or cool off from a long day is by watching Netflix. So here are my top ten December Netflix movies and shows that I’ve recently been watching!

December Netflix Favorites


1. Jane the Virgin


I actually made the mistake of watching the first episode of season one. I was intending to only find out how she is a virgin but yet becomes pregnant; which was a major fail! I ended up watching season one in two days. I’m Hispanic, and I don’t fully understand Spanish or speak it, so this show was a nice in between.

The show is almost like a English Telenovela because it has all of the drama of a Telenovela, some of the culture, but is in English. I feel like it’s somewhat relatable for Mexican Americans, and particularly a young woman. My favorite character is probably the narrator, but each character brings an interesting aspect to the show. I also love how Jane feels strongly about her virginity! The second season is airing now on The CW (December 2015), but I’m waiting for it to be on Netflix.

2. Cristela

So my sister actually introduced me to this show. I think it’s somehow tied to Last Man Standing; which I’ll talk about below. The show is essentially about Cristela and how she is on her way to becoming a lawyer. Her character is hilarious, is a huge sports fan, and is from Texas. Unfortunately, there is only one season of the show because it was eventually cancelled. The show’s humor actually reminds me of George Lopez, and maybe it’s a cultural thing that the characters playfully pick on one another.

3. Roman Holiday


Okay, I’ve been a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn after watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s a couple of years ago, but I haven’t really set aside time to watch anymore of her movies. I’m so glad I sat down and watched Roman Holiday. I love that Hepburn took on characters who were complex, and that they all had a tasteful and clever sense of humor. This movie is about a princess (Audrey Hepburn) who runs away while visiting Rome. Princess Ana meets Joe (Gregory Peck), and they begin to explore Rome together while falling for each other. Gregory Peck was incredibly handsome, and I imagine he was as incredible off screen as he was on screen. This movie is definitely now an all time favorite of mine!

4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas


If you’ve not watched this movie yet,…why? I was in the mood to watch a Christmas related movie, as I always am around the holidays. My sister also suggested this movie (she watches Netflix more than I do), and we ended up enjoying the evening by watching this together. Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays a selfish character who is struggling to make it home for Christmas. It’s interesting to see the characters using payphones and not cell phones; which I never paid attention to before, but it’s interesting how technology has changed our lives.

5. Once Upon a Time (Season 4)


I was entirely too excited to finally watch season 4 of Once Upon a Time. I watched seasons 1-3 some time last year and was instantly hooked. This twisted series of fairy-tales continues into season 4. I don’t want to give away what season 4 is about, but the show overall has become one of my favorite shows of all time. Like I always tell my sister, “You just have to watch to find out.”

6. Reign (Season 2)


I was introduced to Reign by a couple of friends. Netflix only has season 1 and 2, and season 3 is on The CW. If you’re looking for drama with hints of seduction, mystery, and a sense of history then watch this show. I think what draws me to this show is the mysteries along the way, and of course the lifestyle portrayed in the show of those that were royal. However, I’m surprisingly intrigued by the Pagan culture and also the somewhat darker side of the show.

7. Firefly (Again)


Firefly has easily become a comfort show for me, and I can say I’ve watched the series about 4 to 5 times already. Sadly there is only one episode of Firefly, but they did make a movie called Serenity to finally conclude the series. Mal is the captain of a transport spaceship set in the future. The crew and passengers of the ship, along with Mal face challenges throughout the show all while just trying to survive life. This show has an awesome sense of humor and an otherworldly culture. The show seems to have a western, yet futuristic setting. I’ve not met one person whose watched this show who didn’t like it, so I’d definitely recommend anyone to check it out.

8. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

As someone who absolutely loves sushi, Japanese culture, and their ideas, I decided to watch this documentary. The documentary focuses on Jiro Ono, who many consider as an incredible and possibly the best sushi chef in the world, about his sons, and his legacy. Although the documentary was mainly about Ono and sushi, what I found most interesting was Ono’s perspective towards life.

9. Young & Hungry (season 2)


Emily Osment makes a comeback in this comical T.V. series. She plays a chef who ends up with feelings for her boss, and he has feelings for her, but they go back and forth between liking each other. One of my favorite characters is actually Osment’s best friend and roommate Sophie. Netflix has seasons 1 and 2, and season 3 is now airing on ABC Family.

10. Last Man Standing


Last Man Standing stars Tim Allen, and is essentially about his family. Similar to Home Improvement, but instead of three sons he has three daughters. Some of the episodes reference Home Improvement and instead of working at a hardware store, Tim Allen works at a sporting goods store. The show stands out to me because Tim Allen’s character isn’t afraid to speak his mind, but always finds a nice balance that isn’t ignorant. The show’s characters stand up for their beliefs, they incorporate religion, politics, and even history; which make for a more intellectual show than most that are on air. I believe that the fourth season is running on ABC.
Have suggestions for any interesting shows or movies you’ve come across, let me know in the comments section. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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