Monthly Music Favorites – August 2015

It’s been far too long since I’ve shared some of my favorite songs, so I’m hoping to get back into it with my Monthly Music Favorites!

I did start sharing one song every so often before I moved my blog, but I’ll take this a step further by showing my “recently played” songs/artists via Spotify (because I only ever use Spotify to listen to music…I love it).

I listen to a variety of music, not as much as in the past, but still a good variety of music. I will say that the majority of the music I listen to is Christian, for many positive reasons, and sometimes I stick to songs over a long period of time. However, I do like looking for new songs for workouts, listening to old favorites, and even finding music that will create a mood (energetic, relaxed, silly, etc).

Alright, let’s get to the list of music shall we…

My Monthly Music Favorites – August 2015

I started the month off listening to a ton of ATB! I was first introduced to his music thanks to my boyfriend, and the music always reminds me of our time together. These next are Christian songs, and they are so beautiful, but they are in Spanish. These are not “new” or new to me but are mostly old favorites. I used to listen to these Christian songs when I was younger, and it reminds me of great times spent at church.

There are so many songs that I’ve found this month, but so that it’s not overwhelming I’ll share my top ten from each playlist.

ATB Playlist:

As you can see Raging Bull is a favorite of mine! I love her voice!

Monthly Music Favorites - July 2015
Monthly Music Favorites – August 2015

Spanish Christian Songs Playlist:

I was so happy to find Haz Llover, it’s such a beautiful and powerful song..

July Monthly Music Favorites
August Monthly Music Favorites

If you’d like to check out my Spotify “profile” feel free to here!

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