Current Netflix Favorites (June 2015)

My average evenings and nights consist of me semi-binge watching Netflix. If I find a great show, it’s difficult for me to not spend hours in front of the T.V. My family and I have always been big on watching movies and the occasional series, so it just comes naturally to appreciate Netflix. I decided to list my current Netflix favorites, because why not? Some of my all time favorites are not listed, but I do plan on creating a list of those too. These shows and movies are what I’ve recently binged watched. I definitely recommend for you to check them out!

Current Netflix Favorites List

1) Reign

This show is about Queen Mary of Scots living in France in 1557. It’s obviously fiction, but it does have some historical aspects. I few of my friends mentioned this show when it first came out in October of 2014, but I didn’t even have time to think about any shows. About a month ago, I finally gave in and decided to watch the first episode…I was instantly hooked! The mystery, drama, bits of history, and of course romance captivated me! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner, and now I am itching to watch theย third season. (I spent hours in a day watching this show!)



2) Property Brothers

First of all, let me just say…eye candy! These brothers are totally entertaining, and even have a good sense of humor. I have been watching this show on and off for maybe the last year. I got my sister and boyfriend watching it too! Who doesn’t love seeing a house go from hideous to amazing? One brother is the agent that finds and deals to get a house for the client, and the other is the handy man who does all of the fixing and designs. It’s interesting because you learn bits about purchasing a home and what could go wrong.


3) 3rd Rock from the Sun

My sister and I like to watch this show together. We used to watch it when we were younger, and it honestly doesn’t matter how many times I watch an episode, it’s just as funny as the first time. If you’re not familiar with the show, it came out in the 90’s and Joseph Gordon – Levitt plays one of the characters (it’s weird to see him so young, and that hair…omg!) It’s about four aliens on a mission to live on earth. Each episode has the word “Dick” in the title (the commander’s name), which I think is a funny touch. The series shows how they experience new things as humans and in the most hilarious way. I haven’t finished the whole series, but I like to enjoy an episode on occasion, and I’ll be sad when I watch all of the episodes, so I’m taking my time.


4) Naruto

I’m happy to say I’m watching anime! I used to watch it with a friend a couple of years ago, but haven’t since. I tried to watch Naruto about 5+ years ago, but I’m not certain why I didn’t keep watching. Anyway, more than a few months back my boyfriend watched it from the first season. Once again I only saw a few episodes, and then he continued on so I stopped watching. However, I’m now on about the tenth episode and it’s so good! I don’t remember it being so funny (I love the sarcasm). It was originally manga, but they turned it into an anime. It’s essentially about a young ninja who dreams of becoming the Hakage (leader of a hidden village), and his journey towards that dream. One last thing, I have a slight crush on Kakashi (Naruto’s trainer) based on his personality…now that I think about it he somewhat reminds me of my boyfriend!


5) Legally Blonde

This movie was nostalgia at it’s best. I forgot how great, funny, and even slightly inspiring it was. I love that the movie emphasizes not judging a book by it’s cover and the importance of being yourself. Reese Witherspoon plays this character so well. It’s pretty corny, but it’s tastefully done, and is playful about her character. I mostly love watching movies like this because of the nostalgia, as I already mentioned.


Well that wraps up the four shows and one movie that have been my current favorite Netflix finds. Look forward to seeing more of my “current favorite Netflix” lists, as I plan to occasionally post the shows and movies that I watch. This month, I finished the first two seasons of Reign and am now watching Naruto (even as I am typing this up). I am trying to ease up on watching Netflix so much, so it may take me a bit longer to finish Naruto, but it’s definitely taking some discipline!

What are your current Netflix favorites? Feel free to share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Current Netflix Favorites (June 2015)

  1. Property Brothers is so great! It, and other shows with the brothers, have been airing on TV in Canada for awhile. They definitely bring something new to those types of shows! My latest obsession is Orange is the New Black (of course), but I also fell in love with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mindy Project thanks to Netflix!


    1. I agree with you about property Brothers! Oh, I haven’t seen any of those shows, but I have seen bits of The Mindy Project and it was pretty funny. I’ve heard that Orange is the New Black is really good!


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