Bath & Body Works Purchases (Sale and Ebates)

After watching a recent YouTube video by SMLx0, and having already wanting to purchase more hand soap I headed towards Bath & Body Works’ online store. Something I did find interesting was a website she mentioned called Ebates.

Ebates is an online cash back service. So if you sign up with Ebates, head to a company from their site and make a purchase then you can earn a percentage of cash back. I decided to give it a try, and besides you would normally spend the same amount of money directly from a store. The only difference is you’re earning them money, and you get to receive a bit back too. Check it out here.

Bath & Body Works was having a sale on their wallflowers and hand soaps (each was about $3). How can you pass up $3 hand soaps that smell amazing?

Here’s what I purchased!

  • Wallflowers Fragrance Plug (two @ $4.50 each)
  • Hand Soap
    • Island White Pineapple ($3.25)
    • Fresh Lavender ($3.00)
    • Island Margarita ($3.00)
  • Wallflowers Fragrance Refill
    • White Sand Beaches ($3.00)
    • Fresh 15 ($3.00)

The hand soaps definitely did not disappoint, they smell absolutely amazing! Though, I think that Island White Pineapple is my favorite of the three. The wallflowers smell great too, however, they are a bit more subtle. White Sand Beaches almost smells like cologne, but I surprisingly like the smell for my room.

The semi-annual sale for up to 75% off select items is still going (even though I thought it ended last Sunday). From what I can find, I believe the sale will continue while supplies last.

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