Liebster Award Nomination (Questions)

I am very thankful and still surprised that I’m being nominated for these blogger awards. As I stated in previous posts, even though I’ve been nominated in the past I still would like to thank the blogger who has nominated me and answer the questions they have asked. It means a lot to me when another blogger thinks of me when choosing nominees.

Thank you to EdithM from Beauty and a Little Extra for the nomination! I found her blog recently, and I’m glad I did. I love her positive posts, and I completely agree with her thoughts on how to make your day better. We definitely have similar allergy issues (I feel you girl, they can be so annoying). From what I can see she has a fairly new blog, but she has great content (from reviews to lifestyle posts). I definitely recommend you give her blog a look!


1) If you had to choose one meal for the rest of your life, what would it consist of?
I’d say sushi, except I’ve heard it’s not safe to eat a lot, but then again if it were possible (and I think that’s the point of the question) I’d choose sushi.

2) Blush or Bronzer?
Probably bronzer, I don’t use too much blush so I may be able to get away without wearing any.

3) What is your favorite all-time lipstick?
Unfortunately, I haven’t tried very many, but a type of lipstick that I like are the liquid lipsticks. A particular one would probably be the Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvets (affordable and a decent quality).

4) Have you ever been outside of the country, if yes, where?
No, (sad face) I wish I could say yes! I came close to studying abroad in a few countries but I couldn’t get the money to fund the trip. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to answer this question with a yes and list many places.

5) Who is your current role model?
Currently, that’s sort of hard to decide. With all that has occurred recently, I’ve noticed so many inspiring things, and I’m in awe of how my family are reacting to situations. My grandpa has incredible persistence to get well and my grandmother has been by his side every step of the way (while struggling with her health issues too). My mother and uncle are helping in every way they can (visiting daily) while working full-time and managing their own family and home responsibilities. Other family and friends have been taking time out of their lives to visit and pray. It’s hard to choose just one.

6) If you had the chance to raid a celeb’s closet, who would it be?
Maybe Angelina Jolie, I think she would have an interesting closet.

7) Heels or flats?
Flats, but I do like heels. I just tend to wear flats more often.

8) What is your favorite show right now?
I’m dying to watch Once Upon A Time! I have only seen up to the season before the Frozen inspired episodes. I’m waiting for Netflix to add the next season, then I’ll have to somehow get my hands on the newest season that started earlier this year.

9) What is your staple piece of jewelry?
As in something I wear all of the time? It would have to be the necklace my boyfriend gave to me for Christmas (our first Christmas dating). It’s two hearts and on the side it says love (I melt, haha).

10) What is your favorite make-up brand?
I’m a big fan of Tarte and Too Faced, even though I probably own one or two things from each brand. I can’t wait until I can spend money on more make-up rather than tuition, but of course it’s likely to be spent on skin-care instead.

11) Finally, If you had to be an animal, what animal would you choose?
I always say I wish I could be a dog (a small breed that can stay inside). In a perfect world of course, where my owners would be good to me.

I had fun answering these questions, and again thank you to EdithM! I hope you all have a beautiful day!

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