Happy Memorial Day and Yesterday’s Purchases (Village Foods)

I was so excited to buy a few things this past weekend! Of course, I had to buy more of my favorite green tea, and I decided to try peppermint tea after reading KaylaMariaxo‘s blog post. I can’t wait to try the peppermint tea!

I’ve also been meaning to convert to a gluten free diet or at least eat less, so I bought oatmeal for breakfast that is chia and quinoa with nuts and seeds. Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to purchase more. I’m worried I may have an intolerance to gluten, so I need to change my eating habits. I bought chia seeds as well in order to have more fiber in my diet.

I absolutely love Village Foods (a grocery store that has healthier options) and I go crazy once I walk down the beauty products section! I had to tame myself from purchasing hand soup, shampoo, conditioner, skin-care, oils, etc. (I always feel like a kid in a candy store!) However, I did need to buy more toothpaste, and I’ve been meaning to buy something without fluoride. Thanks to Sammieblifestyle‘s post about Tom’s toothpaste, I knew just which one I should try!

Lastly, I bought a bottle of apple cider. I plan to use this to cleanse my hair and try a few Pinterest DIYs. Don’t worry I plan to post the process and results. I’ll post reviews over most of the above purchases as well!

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have served and are serving for this beautiful country! It has it’s good and bad, but overall those who have been brave enough to risk their lives have made a huge impact for our freedoms.

Remember what today is truly about, and enjoy the time you have with loved ones!


10 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day and Yesterday’s Purchases (Village Foods)

    1. Thanks for the shout out your to sweet, I’ve herd great things about apple cider being a great face toner as well, just dilute some still water and apply, it’s got so many great health benefits also, thanks for posting ur purchases that oat meal sound pretty Delicious xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooo thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have to give it a try!
        You’re welcome! ❀
        I'll update about if it is as delicious as it looks, but I have high hopes. (:


    1. You’re welcome! (: I know I can’t wait to try them for breakfast! I definitely need the energy in the mornings.


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