Blue Monday (Smokey Blue Eye Look)


Happy Monday…as happy as it can be anyway. Monday’s are always a drag for me, especially after amazing weekends spent with my boyfriend. Regardless, I’m thankful for another day and so much more.

This look actually fits the weather at the moment too…rain, rain, rain. I do enjoy the rain, but not so much the humidity (my poor hair), flooding, and driving in it too.

It has been quite some time since I’ve experimented with an eye look, so I was excited with the finished look! I’m glad I had so many blue shadows to try out because I’ve been wanting to try something bold and different. The lighting for these pictures isn’t great because they don’t show the color perfectly, but the look came out to be somewhat smokey. and almost a turquoise shade.


  1. First, I used a white eye shadow from a Victoria’s Secret palette as a base for my lid.
  2. From the Covergirl quad, I used the second darkest blue shade on my lids and blended it into my crease. I only blended the color slightly into my inner lid area.
  3. I used the HardCandy baked eye shadow in Asteroid for the outer-v, and blended it about halfway into my crease.
  4. Using the Victoria’s Secret palette, I took the turquoise blue shadow and patted it on my lid using my finger, focusing on the center.
  5. Then, I applied the light shimmery blue shadow from the L.A. Colors palette onto the very center of my lid using my finger.
  6. I used the HardCandy shadow, just to touch up and deepen the outer-v area.
  7. I used a highlighting shadow from the Victoria’s Secret palette for my brow bone.
  8. I decided to leave my bottom lash line free of liner, and instead used the darkest shade of eye shadow (HardCandy) on the outer two thirds, and a light matte blue from a Covergirl quad for the inner corners of both the top and bottom lash line.
  9. I blended all of the shadows once more, applied eyeliner, and lastly applied mascara.


  • It’s important to use an eye primer.
  • Either apply foundation/concealer after, or use something to catch shadow fall out.
  • Using your fingers to apply the shimmery colors (center lid) allows for a better pigmentation of shadow.
  • If applying shadows after foundation, use concealer to clean fall out and create cleaner look near outer eye area.

Products Used:

I hope you enjoyed this look! Have a beautiful day!

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