10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress is something we all deal with, and unfortunately the amount of stress that you let run wild can cause bad side effects. I personally struggle to control the stress in my life, and sometimes it gets the best of me, but along the way I’ve used the tips below to help.

The tips I am sharing are both things I’ve learned on my own that work for me, and tips I’ve read in the past. Of course, if you can, sometimes the best thing to do is lighten your load.


It is important to have at least one hobby. From personal experience, there was a time in my life when I made no time for hobbies. Hobbies are a great way of expressing yourself, and doing something that interests you; both of which make for a fun time. Most importantly, they take your mind off of whatever may be stressful and allow you to focus on something fun.

Taking Deep Breaths

A friend of mine suggested taking deep breaths when I feel anxious or stressed. This suggestion seems obvious, but we don’t always take the time to calm down and relax by breathing deeply, besides you may not realize how tense your chest can be. Just breathe deeply in and out until you feel calm. This helped me to fall asleep one night when I was overwhelmed.

Winding Down Before Bed

After a long or stressful day, it is helpful to do something that will allow your mind and/or body to relax before bed so that you get a restful sleep. Also, it makes your day feel more whole, and less rushed. Read a book, watch a T.V. show, take a bubble bath, or whatever it may be that is relaxing to you.

Communicating with Loved Ones

Communication is key for many things, but when it relates to stress it is helpful so that you share and let go of what you’ve held on your mind. Even if you don’t want to share what is stressing you, communication with those you love can lighten your mood and improve your relationships. There’s something very special about face-to-face communication in a generation of technology.


When we stress and worry, our bodies can become tense as a result. A great way to release some of the tension is by stretching. Bonus: better posture and flexibility. Exercise is also great to release frustrations, and more importantly improve your health.

Organization/Time Management

Planners are an amazing tool! Staying organized with due dates, events, appointments, and even tasks prevents pile ups that could give way to stress later. An added tip, finish major tasks first (most difficult) and pay off bills ASAP; this will allow you to be at ease later, instead of rushing at the last minute.


I’ve noticed that if I’m incredibly overwhelmed by stress, it helps to enjoy a moment outside. Just step outside and enjoy the sounds of birds chirping, the smell of fresh cut grass, the view of trees and flowers, or even just breathing in the fresh air. When you notice the small and big things nature has to offer, your stress seems like less of a burden.

Getting Enough Sleep

When you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep your mind and body aren’t able to properly focus throughout the day. This can cause your work, studying, or tasks to be inefficient and eventually result in stress. When you sleep a comfortable amount of hours, your day is more productive, and overall pleasant.


Blasting music and bursting into dance (while at home of course, but I do this in the car most times) allows you to have a little fun, enjoy life, and to be silly. Being silly and having fun are great ways to lighten your mood and appreciate life.


In my opinion this is the best way to reduce stress. There may not always be someone to share your problems with, or there may be situations that are out of your control entirely, that’s when prayer comes into play. Personally, by praying I’ve been able to get through really tough moments in my life, that I believe may not have worked out if I hadn’t.


I’m not saying to use all ten tips in one day, because let’s be honest…that would probably add to any stress you may already have. You may choose not to implement a few of the tips, but it’s important to find something healthy or productive that will divert your focus from the stresses of life.

Stress can cause many health problems, so go for a walk, bike ride, paint for fun, sing in your car, or take on a new hobby, whatever you choose to do, enjoy life! Choose what tips you like, or come up with others, and set aside days to do them.

6 thoughts on “10 Tips to Reduce Stress

  1. I feel like working out is a great way to de-stress. I honestly can’t ask myself what I’ve been thinking about besides reaching my minutes or sets.

    If stress and anxiety really set in, I use Bach Rescue Remedy. It’s made from herbs and flowers, and all natural. It really helps for any kind of stress situation, whether it’s for an exam, a presentation or just stopping that mill of thoughts while trying to sleep. It works wonders on me 🙂

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