Peppermint Foot Rescue Treatment

I re-purchased The Body Shop‘s Peppermint Foot Treatment, and I’m so excited to finally do a review over it!

Jumping right in…


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First Impression

  • Smell-This product definitely smells like peppermint, but it’s not overbearing. (I always think of Mean Girls when I smell it! “Your face smells like peppermint!”)
  • Consistency-It has a creamy lotion-like consistency that could be compared to a mousse.
  • Color-The product is a baby pink color that somewhat reminds me of calamine lotion.
  • Packaging-The product comes in a jar with a twist on lid. (simple and basic packaging)
  • Price-The current price of this treatment is $18.00, but it’s part of the “buy 3 get 2 free” and “buy 2 get 1 free” deals that are currently available (3/30/2015) in select locations.

Product Claims

The peppermint oil in this product is said to create a cooling affect when applied that freshens and also helps fight foot odor. It also contains cocoa butter that provides moisture, and melts at body temperature. The product also contains sweet almond oil that “…is rich in essential fatty acids that help to restore skin’s moisture barrier.” Lastly, the grape extract in the product smooths and exfoliates skin.


  • Continual use recommended
  • When used alone, affects don’t last very long


  • The peppermint smell isn’t too strong
  • Moisturizes instantly, and even more so overnight
  • Does help with foot odor
  • Does have cooling effect


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Current Opinions

First of all let me clarify my Pros and Cons. When using this product I recommend applying it at night before bed, and to wear socks to improve moisturization. If you use this product without taking other measures to care for your feet, the benefits of this product won’t last very long. However, this treatment does moisturize and smooth feet instantly, and in the past and now I’ve noticed it does help with odor. Also, I’m a big fan of peppermint, so I love the way this smells! The “cooling effect” isn’t intense (forewarning those curious about this), but it is more of a refreshing feel when applied. The product isn’t thick and heavy when applied, but I think because of the oils, the product doesn’t absorb instantly. Still, I don’t consider this a Con because when applied before bed, overnight the oils provide even more moisturization. In the morning, the product is completely absorbed and my feet feel amazing! Overall, I’m in LOVE with this treatment. I’m fairly particular about my feet (must always be clean, fresh, moisturized, not heavy with product, etc.) and this makes them smell good, softens, and refreshes them! Admittedly, one of my favorite parts of the day is when I apply this treatment before bed.


*All opinions in this post are that of my own, this is not sponsored, and information will be linked from sources in above text.

5 thoughts on “Peppermint Foot Rescue Treatment

    1. Mine get the same way.
      I hope you love it just as much as I do, when you do get it. 🙂
      Awe, thank you so much for nominating me! 🙂 I have been nominated in the past already, but I’ll come up with a post about it anyway.
      Thanks again for thinking of me for the award! ❤

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