Blogger Awards (One Lovely Blog, Creative Blogger, Liebster Award)

Okay, so I absolutely love when I’m nominated for an award. It’s a beautiful gesture, and I very much appreciate when a fellow blogger thinks of me when choosing their nominees.

GREYBIJOUX and Ryane Zamora Beauty both nominated me for different blogger awards. Now, I have previously received nominations from other bloggers for the exact same awards, but I still want to recognize these two bloggers too.

Trust me, I’m fairly sure I’ve nominated other bloggers who have been nominated in the past for the same award, or nominated bloggers who don’t post about the awards, but still appreciate the nomination.

Regardless, it’s an honor, and I decided that I would post about all nominations I receive. I don’t believe I will go through the process again, (facts, questions, etc.) but I hope to read and become more familiar with the nominators blogs. Then I’ll post a little about their blogs each time, and give them recognition as well.

GREYBIJOUX (Liebster, and One Lovely Blog Award)

First of all, how cool is the name Aziza!
On GREYBIJOUX you can find anything from reviews of beauty products and fashion, to travel and entertainment. I loved reading her reviews, and her travel tips! I like that when I read her posts, they come across as laid back, but still my attention is focused on every word. I hope you all decide to check out her blog, I know I can’t wait to read more of her posts!

Ryane Zamora Beauty (Creative Blogger Award)

I recently began to follow miss Ryane’s blog and I enjoy reading her posts! (Another cool name!) We both like grays, blacks, and other neutral colors when it comes to clothing (I love when other people prefer neutral colored clothing!) I read that she decided to create her blog because of a class she took, and that was one of my main motivators too. Totally check out her blog for posts about beauty, great finds on a budget, and various interesting posts!

I’m very thankful for the nominations from these two wonderful blogs! I hope you decide to visit both of their blogs and read their award posts to learn a little more about them too.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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