My Beginner Bucket List

In my very first “daily prompt” titled “Life’s an Adventure”, I asked what would be on your “Bucket List” if you had one. In that previous post, I also mentioned wondering what my list would consist of; which prompted the wheels to turn in my mind.

Many typical “Bucket Lists” consist of traveling to far places, activities that result in an adrenaline rush, and visiting “wonders of the world”. (My list does include some of those typical activities.) I do hope one day to experience more of the typical choices, but seeing how this is my very first attempt to create a list of my own, I’ve set out to accomplish more reasonable choices for my life at the moment.

I do have a few small choices, that are more like goals, but I still want to have the satisfaction of scratching them off my list in hopes that they will encourage me to complete and add more to list.

Alright so let’s get to my list already!

My Beginner Bucket List

Go to a Drive-in movie
Learn Spanish
Indoor sky diving
Go hiking
Get a degree
Learn to swim
Watch a Meteor Shower
Run in the rain
Road-trip across the U.S.
Run a Half-Marathon
Ride a horse
Learn French
Become a CPA
Learn HTML (more than the basics)
See the Northern Lights
Adopt a dog
Volunteer in a different country
Walk the Inca Trail

New York, U.S.
Hawaii, U.S.
Alaska, U.S.
Paris, France
New Zealand
Venice, Italy

I absolutely NEED to learn to swim, learn Spanish, and get a degree. In the future I hope to adopt a dog, maybe two, and I MUST see a meteor shower (I think it would be so beautiful). No I have not yet ridden a horse (as mentioned in my prompt), but a part of me is scared to even attempt it. Hiking and running in the rain are always things I’ve considered doing, but I don’t have proper running attire and I haven’t had the opportunity to hike. I really wish to accomplish a few of these in the near future! I know that some of these are not incredibly exciting, but I hope to scratch them out one day! My list totals out to twenty, including all the places I hope to visit as one.

Feel free to share more of your “Bucket List” aspirations and ideas with me below, or your opinions of my list! Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “My Beginner Bucket List

  1. I’ve never ridden a horse either and it’s right at the top of my bucket list. Everyone I tell always looks at me crazy like ‘HOW have you never ridden a horse?’ but I don’t think I’ve ever even been near a horse! I’m obviously too much of a city girl. But great post, I definitely think I’ll have a go at writing my own bucket list. I have ideas on scraps of paper and memos on my phone but it would be good to have it all neatly written up in one place

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    1. Oh good, I’m not alone! I get those crazy looks too, but I’m not exactly a “city girl” so “shame on me”. Awesome! It’s actually pretty fun coming up with a list, good luck on writing your own.


  2. I love that you focused on the little things that may make your day, instead of the customary all-out rampage most people go on when they make a bucket list. I’ve always believed that it’s the little things that add up to warming whole. So for me, this was a heartening list to read. Keep adding the little things! Good luck 🙂

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    1. Awe, thank you so much! Yeah, I’m not quite ready for a full on typical “Bucket List” yet, and I agree that the little things add up and are important.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my list!

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